Patanjali had  composed the Yoga Sutras through meditation in the Vedic period. There are as many yoga books today in the markets. They are all written following that scripture. Many books have been written about yoga. The importance of yoga has increased in the world today.

Yoga is a scientific lifestyle in which you can live a yogic life even though we are householders. We can make life better and more glorious with as many resources as possible. Yoga is the art of living a calm, serene, patient, fearless, happy and healthy life. This yoga and meditation can bring peace to the whole world ! Adhering to it helps everyone to be a dutiful person. It helps to rise above that and make it responsible for the society and the country.

I am also currently engaged in the research and study of yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are for the health and happiness of the whole human body, mind and brain. By adopting this you will be able to make yourself a successful and good human being. Get rid of failure, disability, frustration, depression and other mental illnesses.

You will be able to build a lot of self-confidence among us. We seem to be just ignorant even though our knowledge is filled with as much understanding as possible. Because there are so many scriptures that it is very difficult to read and understand all the scriptures. It is impossible for man to cross the ocean of knowledge.

Many people are trying to grow up by sticking to the personality of others. Even if they are involved in propaganda, when a person who is attached to the personality of others separates from him, then we find that person to be hollow and without status.

Everyone has a kind of pride. He is fortunate to see his property, good job, business, beautiful wife, good house and wise friendship. When people lose all these things, they can realize  the fact. Nobody with him. They couldn’t understand that before. When they realized  it was too late.

His personality is connected with all these things. His identity is formed and his dignity is connected with these things. Without all these things, They become hollow and helpless. Nothing with him, they become non-existence. So I have to believe that everything can be achieved by Gyan yoga.  People have never been able to acquire the satisfaction and wisdom of life without yoga meditation.


Prasad aryal