पुण्डरी अर्याल

Humanity is the natural quality of human beings, kindness, love, compassion, altruistic emotional sensitivity. There are many religions in the world today and they all say that their religion is the best. We are witnessing many incidents of them committing atrocities against different religions or castes or followers.

When people rise above the hypocrisy of religion and see all human beings as the same, and show them kindness, compassion and benevolence towards them without prejudice, and serve them unconditionally, that is human service. That is humanity.

That is why it can be called human religion. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras said: humans are the intellectual than all other living things. That is, man is the center of the intellectual world. If there is no humanity in any of the philosophers in the world, then the philosopher has no meaning. The ideology that preceded the French Revolution. There was more emphasis on humanity.

The French philosopher Auguste Comte began to take humanity as a religion by discussing the religion of humanity in his book Positive philosophy. In which he has said: There is no benefit in searching for the basic elements of creation. It is inaccessible, incomprehensible. On the basis of this, the primitive people simply began to consider the trees, mountains, fire, wind and water as gods. This idea is called theological. But later, when he was not satisfied with this, he became supernatural in any substance.

His thought is called metaphysics theory. He studied sociology from all points of view and composed sociology and came to the conclusion that the ultimate religion of man is to always strive for the welfare of all human beings with love. He wrote sociology by studying society from all angles and came to the conclusion that his humanitarians value humanity more than any other religion by having love for all human beings. The minimum basic needs of human beings to survive must be fulfilled and their wishes must be fulfilled.

Only humanists are looking for ways to make human life happier. Even if humanists do not believe in supernatural things and divine existence and reincarnation, accepting human service as a religion can be considered positive.

World-renowned philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Voltaire, Marcus Engel, Confucius, Lao Tzu, whether in Buddhism or in various political philosophies, have explored democracy,  democracy or socialist system. That is, no matter how many achievements have been made from scientific research.

All these are done for the convenience of human beings. However, humanity could not be established as a human religion. In today’s world, due to the arrogance of the rulers of big states, the poor people of small countries are forced to bear the horrors of war.

In today’s world there is no one to support humanity. Ism is trapped in the bondage of their ism. When people get caught up in doctrine. In the name of that doctrine, they automatically become a participant in all unholy and evil deeds. People cannot speak the truth for fear of leaving the political party organization, nor can they oppose evil deeds. That means accepting it.

Binding your free will. The whole crime committed in the name of that doctrine is also to accept the unholy inhuman vicious cycle. In this way, people have become enslaved by following the doctrine. People’s greed, sin and fear cannot dare to live without being bound by any doctrine or so-called doctrine. It is enough to surrender one’s freedom within the cage of one’s free expression. Whether it is any religion or political party. Political parties or religious sects have become mere institutions to subjugate people’s free and pure natural feelings by imposing various ideas and doctrines on them.

These organizations have created enmity among human beings in the name of caste, religion and doctrine by creating strife and jealousy by fighting among themselves and creating a place for them to acquire wealth for the welfare of a limited number of people. Who has taken advantage. He knows this but not everyone has been able to take advantage of it, only to become their scapegoat. they  did not meditate for a minute.

They walk without thinking. Thus, humanity is disappearing among people. There is no such country in the world today. Where there is no conflict between religion and doctrine. Thus, they are ready to die and be killed by the conflict of religion and doctrine. Religions and doctrines are used by hypocrites to make money. Everyone has given up of humanity.

In today’s world, the issue of human rights is rising strongly. But the same human rights organization has become an arena for the interests of the government and political parties. Human rights seem to be more interested in how to facilitate criminals than in how to prevent them from happening. It is felt that these organizations have worked to save and protect the bigwigs. When the courts sell their judgement upon the basics of what criminals pay and acquit the criminals, humanity is lacking even in that area.


When courts acquit criminals, judge are involving  bribery for money.  Today the place of charity is taken by arrogance, the place of service is taken by selfish means, the place of duty is taken by deceit, the place of devotion is taken by conceit, the place of market is taken by black market. Day by day, people’s morals are declining. Thus, there is a lack of humanity among the people.

They are taking advantage of someone’s weaknesses. They exploit others instant to help them selflessly in times of calamity. The United state allocates 700 billions $ annually to the Department of Military Resources and Defense for the war. In other words, 7 trillion dollars is about 84 trillion Nepali rupees. More than 2 trillion $ is spent on war all over the  world.

The United States alone spends more than 41 percent of the world’s security and military spending. All over the world, so much money is spent on security and munitions. But millions of people in the world are starving. There are unique human problems, including hunger, disease, poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. However, the leaders of any country do not seem to be thinking in this direction. Everyone wants to have their own empire.

The voice that there should be no war in the world is so suppressed that that voice is being drowned in the abyss. It has only become the voice of some philosophers and scholars. I see that only today’s leaders have succeeded in creating a vote bank by showing the fear of war to the common people. They reached the place of the state revenue fund. And they corrupt state money through legal paperwork. It can be clearly seen that the leaders of many nations are moving towards realization of their selfish interests by fighting among castes, rioting among the followers of different religions.

Humanity is disappearing from the face of the earth with the practice of forcibly waging war on the problem-ridden countries due to encroachment on nature and exploitation of human beings. The expectation of being treated as a human being has reached a stage where people cannot even imagine. Although some philosophers have tried to establish that humanity is human religion, it has not been able to replace religion. As long as greed and sin exist in the world, humanism cannot be established.

As long as spiritual thinking cannot be developed in man or If man is not spiritual. They could not do human service without spirituality.  Humanity does not awaken without spirituality in man and  sensitivity is not born in them.

अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसाम्।

उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ।।

Meaning: This is my own, this is not my family, who says it is done by a short minded person. A man with a generous heart considers everyone on this earth to be his own family. The feeling of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means “World is one Family“. These things could exist only in the hearts of spiritual people.


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