The soul ?

There are two kinds of people in the world. They are: one is materialistic or  atheists  and the other is spiritualist. Before writing anything about the soul here,  it is necessary to know the views of materialists (atheists). This is what the materialist can do in this life after being born. It is wrong to say that the fruit of one’s good or bad deeds will be found in the next life. Spiritual people believe that the soul is compelled to get the prize and punishment of their deeds for their reincarnation . They are bound by the divine, birth, rebirth and karma.

“It’s over when people die. No dead person is born again, no one has seen it, nor have I been like this in the first birth, and it has been confirmed that I was born here in this birth.” If anybody said these sentences to a spiritual person, nobody believed it. But a materialistic person would believe it. Charvaka is a philosophy of materialists who rejected the notion of an afterworld, karma, liberation(moksha), the authority of the sacred scriptures, the Vedas and the immortality of the self. They are not believed to soul, rebirth and karma. This Sanskrit  verse is supported by  them.


न स्वर्गो नाक्पवार्गश्च आत्मा नो पारलौकिकः ।

यावज्जीवं सुखं जीवेद् ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिवेत् ।। 

The meaning of the above verse is as follows: “There is no heaven, there is no salvation, there is no existence of the soul going to the afterlife. So people should enjoy happiness as long as they live. Happiness must be lived. Even if you take a loan, you have to eat ghee, ”he said. Earlier atheists used to talk about eating ghee by borrowing at least and ghee used to benefit them physically. But modern atheists say, “Eat, drink, and have fun.” They do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get rich. He has no concern for sin. 

That is why in today’s world, corruption, immorality, injustice, and plunder are rampant. How can a body return back that has been destroyed once burned or a soul destroyed with a body ? Modern intellectuals say so, but many scientists have realized that there is a supernatural element above physical matter. There are many such doctors who have seen people with all sorts of physical conditions who are unable to survive after the operation and who do not survive under any circumstances. 


Every moment the doctor is facing a new disease and a new challenge. Who provides the ability to solve new problems? The same thing is supernatural. Music can be the soul of music! Musical instruments are just instruments of music. Unless the seeker creates music from these instruments. Until then, these devices are dead. Just as music requires a musical instrument, so the soul needs a body. We are unknowingly creating the body without experiencing the soul. Sanskrit verses are written about the soul in our scriptures below.

न प्राणेन नाऽपानेन मृत्योर्जीवती कश्चन ।

इतरेण तु जीवन्ति  यस्मिन्नेतावुपाश्रितौ ।।

“Life is neither the shelter of the soul nor the shelter of the self, it is the shelter of another object, on which the soul and the self depend for their existence.” In the above verse, the human body is the shelter of the soul. Where the living beings depend on the respiration to maintain their existence in the soul. I mean. If a person does not know who  am I ?  If he does not understand the nature of life, he does not understand what his ideal purpose is.  Then there is no question of knowing about the operator of life. How can one be satisfied with one’s deeds done in the form of ignorance? In fact, nature is the realm of knowledge of the human world and also the creation of God. The whole new invention and new things has been created from the wisdom and knowledge created by the human senses.

We gather a lot of knowledge about others. But what about yourself ? I don’t know at all. A person who is motivated by spirituality. Only that person is eager to find out about the own self, soul, divine, the cosmic, the supernatural, birth,  rebirth and death. So who am I ?  That’s enough to ask yourself.

The Spirit comes before us as the answer to the question of who I am. Who controls the human body and the human senses ?  Who is giving suggestions from the heart ? Who gives power  to deal with any situation ? All this realization is self-realization and the element that guides human beings in the right or wrong path. It can be proved that it is the soul. 

Scientists recently created a robot called Sophia. Sophia stunned the world by making it possible for people to talk about the world, to read a book that could talk. Sophia is amazed at what is happening outside of what is programmed inside. Seeing this, she speaks like a human being, can walk, can see. In fact, she can talk like a human being. But she can’t go beyond the program inside. They need power to give speed. If it is turned off, she becomes inactive. The electric power is invisible. There is neither life nor soul inside Sophia. she is just a soulless machine. Suppose: People are super commuters in themselves. The living being is born by the union of man and woman by God, while the programmer inside the human being is its soul. The soul is automated by programming on the motherboard. The program may change as soon as a different situation arises, and make a new one immediately.

 The living thing is inside the  people. That is the soul. What part of the body is this soul in? The answer to this question may be, as the presence of God is omnipresent in the root, place or creature of the universe. In the same way, this soul pervades any part of the body. And the soul dies with the body? In answer to this question, the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 23 states:


नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावक ः ।

न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ।।२३।।

It means “No weapon can cut the soul. In the same way, fire cannot burn. It cannot be soaked, washed, or dried by air. The soul does not die, the gross body perishes ”.

This eternal soul does not arise, nor does it die, nor does it arise for any reason. Nothing is made by itself. That unborn is eternal, eternal, and ancient. Even if the body dies, it does not die. Destroying someone does not destroy the soul. That is more subtle than a molecule. That is within us. That is our form. That is why we know the soul. Realizing its glory, our grief and elusion will all be gone. 

We are dead is to say that the living soul has left our body. Man lives the life he is destined for and dies a gross body and becomes an invisible being. The organism is considered to be reborn or reincarnation when it takes on another body. Therefore, the soul is neither born nor dead. Every living being is different. Almighty God has given each living being a different color and faces. Not only this, there were DNA and fingerprints also different among humans. Even in sons and daughters born from the same parents, we find differences in appearance, color, temperament and body. So the semen and uterus of the same mother and father were the same. Why not the same. their children ? The answer is that everyone’s soul is different. Bound by their karmic bondage, different souls have taken up residence in her womb, so they have got different temperaments, different colors and bodies. So you are not the body that rides souls. After being freed from the bondage of karma, the soul becomes free again and becomes one form in the form of God.

  • Prasad/Pundary Aryal